i guess thats not entirely true but i rarely find radio stations that play what i want to hear the most. i enjoy a lot of the music played on classic rock stations but what i really want to hear is the stuff not played on the radio. i want to hear the deep cuts from the classic artists i want to hear the stuff you don't hear on the radio anymore or better yet the stuff that never was on the radio. this is why i have a small group of favorite artists that i am working on collecting all of their studio recordings! i am skipping greatest hits compilations and live recordings because i can hear most of that stuff on the radio. i was going to start with 10 artists but decided to add one and make it 11. the artists i am collecting are Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Rush, Triumph, Queen, Pink Floyd and Dio. i also have already bought everything by another band AC-DC. so far i have found some GREAT music among these artists that i had never heard before and perhaps in the future i will share a list of recommendations but i'll wait till i have them all.

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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Will be Sonny

and it was remade by Cher

then sing a different song....how about A World Without Heroes thats a great song and its a ballad too!


yikes thats a scary thought i think ladies look better dressed as Peter Criss (the cat) and that works out well cause he was the one who actually sang Beth LOL

Ok fine i will dress up like Gene Simmons and sing Beth ok

Sorry i'm a huge fan of Kiss they put on the best concerts ever except for the Sacred Heart tour that Dio did back in the '80's and the music is fun....no deep meanings no messages about world hunger or any of that crap just songs about having fun!

EWW No no say its not so lol

i just listened to that yesterday. Shock Me is a song by Kiss

I personally am up for zztop Legs

So you want to here "shock the monkey" ??????


Or ... Lil sister don't you .. lil sister don't you lol

Yo mama can't dance and yo daddy can't rock n roll :)

LOL just sing!!!

I am telling !

hmmmm she likes it dogg......uhm never mind LOL

You are so sweet , our singing well it has to wait my partner in crime is playing puppy dog with the kids .

well....its not the first thing 2 pretty ladies bring to my mind but.....sure singing is good too!

Poor baby do want me and Msp to sing to you?

again with the tech stuff....i don't know how any of that stuff works i barely know how to sign onto my computer LOL

yes they do the new one was the last to be added to my collection i was afraid i wouldn't be able to get it until i found out i could order it on their website. i try not to shop at wal mart

I agree, radio stations here will play maybe one or two off the chart rock songs and then back to the normal pop tunes. I love all them bands, I have most if not all their CDs (no albums). The Ipod is great for creating play lists. <br />
<br />
AC/DC Rocks!

not really jimmo i have xm and while they do have a station specializing in deep tracks they don't play hardly any hard rock. all kinds of springsteen and rolling stones but i don't hear much from bands like pink floyd or kiss, or really any of the bands i named above except the occasional zeppelin tune

ah... makes sense.

nope as long as i am in charge of the truck i'm not allowed alcohol. which means from the time i go to work till the time i get home and company policy states that even when i'm home i have to stop consuming any alcohol at least 10 hours before returning to work

I know you couldn't drink and drive, but you can't drink at all? I didn't know that.

uh yeah....truckdriver remember???? if i were to get drug tested and ANY trace of alcohol shows up i lose my job LOL you can buy the diet pepsi though :-0

I know exactly where that is. Next time you come through... I'll buy the beer.

not very often anymore but i do get there once in awhile...we have a terminal on highway 210 by the casino

Okay... more specific... you ever get through KC?

uhm well i live in michigan i think that is still part of the midwest LOL

You ever get through the midwest Rick?

next time i'm up that way i'll have to check it out

they also play a lot of hip hop and dance mix which i can live without LOL i used to like one college station in my hometown that played smooth jazz at night though

those things are expensive and i am technologically challenged as well LOL

So my dear Rick....Get an Ipod..... then it will be Rick music....on time....all of the time

i used to get my music online but now that they are making me pay for it i would rather get the cds of old favorites and hopefully put the money in their pockets rather than some websites pockets LOL i have to admit i was having trouble finding some of the older stuff until i walked into a local family owned music store in my hometown....that guy seems to be able to find anything though some of the out of print material is a bit pricey

i actually have xm i mainly use it for sports but listen the deep tracks station