Club Utopia In Fort Wayne, Indiana

     Back around 1997, when the internet was still young and people were very fun and friendly, I met a woman living in California who told me about her swing club experiences. So I checked the NASCA website and found Club Utopia in Ft. Wayne, and decided to visit on a Wednesday night while there on business, as a single male. The club was in an old factory/warehouse, which I've found is common because a lot of available space is required without having to pay a lot of rent.  The people working there were very nice, filled me in on the rules and showed me all around before turning me loose. There is is always an annual membership fee and entrance fee to be paid, less than $100.00 in central Indiana.
     There was a dance / mingling / snacking area. A billiards / darts gaming area. and then a completely separate area of about 10 different themed bedrooms and a very large comfortable living room like area.
     I had two very enjoyable sexual experiences that night, but I'll just tell you about the 2nd one. Surprisingly (to me) many women and couples come to the clubs specifically looking for horny single males. The women seem to take their time and find a comfortable room and desirable men, while the men tend to wander around searching for women that are "ready" or nearly so. As I wandered past the bedroom doors I came across one room with a couple and about 2 other men inside. The door was open (which is generally an invitation to come inside) and they were all sitting and chatting. I wandered in and joined the conversation. The woman barely spoke at all, and it appeared to be a Dom / Sub relationship. She was not glamorous but had a kind of "girl next door" attractiveness. She had large breasts, maybe 38Ds, (which really turn me on) and was a little fuller in the hips. After 15 minutes of conversation the man said "Honey, why don't you get undressed and let these boys get to know you a little better". So she got naked and stood at the end of the bed. I stood on her right side and played with her right breast and right butt, while another guy was on her left squeezing her left breast and left butt and the third stood in front of her and fingered her wet hole. That made all of our dicks huge and hard.
     Next the guy arranged pillows so he could lean back comfortably near the head of the bed while she got on all 4s and sucked his rod with her rear end at the edge of the back of the bed. All us guys got naked and put on condoms. This is hard to explain, but from the point where the guy told her to get naked, no one had spoken a word. It was as if there was some kind of magical spell in the air, and if someone spoke the spell would be broken and and all the fun would just collapse and end on us. It was kinda wierd and I'm sure had something to do with this guys need to dominate the situation. The first guy stepped up and gave her a good hard wham bam from behind. I enjoyed watching her big breasts swing and sway as he slammed into her round soft bottom and she worked to keep her mans erection in her mouth. The next guy stepped up, but after a few minutes realized he couldn't get the job done and sheepishly stepped away, making some excuse and disappeared. MY TURN!  Her big breasted body was really turning me on and I had a huge throbbing hard on by now. I stepped behind her and ran my fingers over her hot wet delightfully hairy womanhood. Then slid one finger inside her and explored her sweet honey pot. Then I grabbed both butt cheeks and squeezed them hard pulling them apart and pushing my swollen meat sword deep inside her. Except for the condom, I was in heaven. I screwed her nice and slow, the way I like it, and reached around to play with her big soft boobys. Rubbing her nipples until they responded by swelling and growing till I could roll them between my thumb and finger and pull on them. Next I slid my right hand between my right hip and her right thigh and started massaging her sensative button while I screwed her. Then I licked my left index finger and used it to massage her tight dry bung hole. She loved it and started moaning while sucking her man's meat. Oddly enough, this broke the eerie silence in the room and I made eye contact with the guy and saw his eyes were WIDE open as he was enjoying his blow job more since she was enjoying my fingering and **** treatment. Well, all that silence was annoying me anyway, so I started getting loud, ramming into her harder and faster, OH, OH Yeaah, Yess, OH baby, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Till I shot my hot load of **** into my Trojan wet sack.
     By this time another guy had come in and got naked and stepped right up after I pulled out. I dressed and left without a word as they were busy shagging and sucking again. I wandered around the club a while and eventually came back and slid my pole inside her from behind a second time. After an hour or so they took a break and came out to the snack area in their underwear. I remember she was topless and I really enjoyed admiring her beautiful big flesh melons as she sat and smoked a cig.  All in all it was a great first visit to a swing club.
     PS    I got so worked up thinking about playing with this couple on the drive home I gave myself a hand job and came again in the car.
lamant lamant
51-55, M
Dec 30, 2010