Stand Up For An Injured Veteran

Canadian based PCL Construction came to Texas and left behind a seriously injured veteran in its wake. Rather than assist the veteran..PCL chose to claim no liability under a lax worker's compensation law and ignored its moral and ethical responsibilites in the matter. What is worse ..PCL did a very limited investigation into the workers claims of unqualified employees and an incident of an intoxicated PCL supervisor being present on the site. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS TO THE AMERICAN SENSE OF JUSTICE FOR A FOREIGN COMPANY TO COME TO OUR COUNTRY AND TREAT OUR VETERANS THIS WAY. Please contact your local congressman and ask for an investigation into this incident and put an end to this practice. The workers name is Richard Ford and he may be reached at 409-499-9425. THANK YOU 1!
AmerVet AmerVet
May 16, 2012