New Set Of Butt Plugs

It has been a while since I last wrote something on here so...It has been several months since I last try'd a butt pug ever since I broke up with my gf that gave me that experience and she took all the toy's. So just recently a girl I have been talking to now she is a toy freak has inflatables and everything. So we went out to get a set for me I got a medium sized butt blug and a large. When we got home we went to try them on immediately, The medium sized plug popped right in oh the stuffed sensation was magical. So we have our fun and we try'd moving to the larger butt plug it was one hell of a fit but when I got it in all the way I couldn't even walk I felt stretched out it felt awesome. But my *** kept forcing it out so i couldn't keep it in as much. A the weeks came I was always wearing my medium butt plug to work. I decided to try the big one again. I got the same results as last time so I kept practicing with the medium my *** was so used to it I could suck it in without having to push it in at all.

Tonight I write because this very moment my *** is stuff with the medium plug. It feels so nice and full but I want the large one in me so bad I want to hold it in me. I stand up start lubing the bigger one. I pull my thong down and pull out the medium.....IT FIT success I got the large plug in omg I can feel myself gaping open oh it feels oh so good Im currently sitting for I refuse to let it come out my *** is relaxing slowly I wont get up till its sucked in and stays this feels so great.
dustballkid06 dustballkid06
Feb 20, 2010