Best Sex Ever In A Booth

I have been going to Vedic booths for a while mostly just to jerk off sometime I let a guy suck my ****. Last week I went to a place in RI at about 2am and when I was buying my tokens a couple in their 40's walked in she's aid she had never been to a booth before and wanted to try as I followed them in they got a booth and another guy got to them first Buthelezi wantedtosuckthe husband while she watched and that wsnot what they wanted so I went to the door and she told me I could do anything I wanted toher and he wanted to watch. We locked the door and he put money in the machine she asked what I wanted and I told her to ***** she took her top off and had very pretty little **** she said sorry I wish they were bigger I leaned down and sucked her right nipple and told her she was perfect. I layey her down on the bench and took her pants and panties off. I told her I was going to et her ***** she had a very nice and bald **** and I dove right in. Right away I felt her lit gethardand she began to moan. Her husband was watching and took his **** out.. She was getting very loud as I ate her nd I loved it. Igot a few finger in her very tight **** and lick and fingered her foursome time I felt her orgsm coming on and her pusy griped tight around my fingers as she came. Her husband said leather return the favor so I stood up and took my **** out shetookme into her mouth and sucked me like she could not get enough. When I was ready to *** I took my **** out and came on her ****. Ingot dressed and left the booth there were about 10 guys outside the booth I hope she did them all as good as she did me. I hope to see them again some time
Bostondaddy Bostondaddy
41-45, M
1 Response May 12, 2012

Pretty hot!! Which Video booth in RI? Amazing Store?