Video Games And Pantie Pooping

i love playing video games and when i gotta poop or pee fill my panties and soak them best feeling ever pushing loads in my panties ftw i probly mess and pee my panties at least 4 times a day or try to before changeing to mess new pair he he.
ashley300 ashley300
22-25, F
9 Responses Sep 20, 2012

As a game developer, I would love to watch you test one of my games while you go in your pants.

black opts 2 zombies also gta liberty city lol

What do you play?

I'm doing the same thing right now! :)

Sexy stories

Wow that sounds like a real good party there

Sounds great, I'd love to play videogames with you and fill our pants up with poop :)

its the best, i do it too

my gf got me into pooping mine she dared me to for 100 bucks i told her id try it for free cause she cute hehe

not yet

not yet

oops not yet