I Narrate My Life . . .

If I happened to be walking through a field of flowers on a cool, dewy summer morning, this is what would be going on inside of my head:


"As she tip-toed delicately through the mossy grass, she noticed how beautiful the drops of dew looked when the early morning sun hit them at just the right angle. They looked like diamonds. She felt the breeze ruffle her skirt, and then move like a whispered kiss across her cheek. Everything about that morning was almost too perfect to beleive, and she was all the sudden terrified it would dissapear in another moment. How could a night so terrible give way to a morning to breathtakingly beautiful?"


Okay, so it's flowery, no pun intended, but it gets the idea across. I am always narrating my life, and usually never in first person. I also sing mood-appropriate songs either quietly, or in my head durning certaint hings that spark the memory of a tune that would be perfect if what I was living was a movie.


I think that;s why I do it, because I love movies . . . film so much. I guess it's good practice. It also helps you remember things better, and lock in the memories of the five senses. 

LonelySoul LonelySoul
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Haahaha I do the exact same thing!!!

Neat! I think life can often be like an unfilmed movie if we take the time to enjoy it and appreciate the beauty and all the subtle moods.