Vegetarian Curried Chickpea And Eggplant

Melbourne in Australia has had a bad run of widely publicised attacks on Indians studying and working there. It's generally a fairly safe city but unfortunately it seems to be gaining a reputation.

Whether there is a racial element or not, the drongos who are doing it are in the minority here and probably victimising other people too. The general population is fighting back!!! Eating back, anyway.

Today (Feb 24th) was 'Vindaloo against violence' day. We were urged to show support for the local Indian community by eating in an Indian restaurant:

WG and I didn't have a local restaurant handy but showed our solidarity anyway with a yummy vegetarian curry. I hope that people of all nationalities can share in the peace and beauty of our fair state. And have had the curry to prove it.

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Sounds like a very worthwhile idea :-)

No reason it should be constrained to Feb 24 either Paco and LV. I hope we can do a repeat fairly soon.

Good cause, good food. Yum!<br />

I heard about it in the news, what a nice thing to do,<br />
<br />
Well done

Aiya! Yum... 11pm at night and you're all making me hungry again!

Well, eating a curry would be no hardship for me at all ... it's my favourite food!! Good story roj and a great way to show solidarity against this type of nonsense.

I m eating it almost everyday...*wink*

Lorraine, Gryffn, Ethics, AP: Thank you for the kind words. But make sure you eat some curry for us...

Tats very sweet of u!!! Appreciate tat.

It lifts my spirits when I hear about people of good will coming together and demonstrating kindness. I found a website today that gives GOOD NEWS from all over the world--it does not seem to have any particular religion at it's base.......It's so refreshing to hear about the good things that are happening in the world----Good Deeds by people of all different cultures and beliefs......So much of the media in this country --just tells about and sensationalizes Bad things...or the doings of different entertainment or sports figures--usually scandal...the site is

Yes the whole nation is showing support by eating a vindaloo today.... not a chore, I could eat curry everyday

Or just as easily dahl...

I would happily show my support by eating curry everyday!

A sad state of affairs, glad you showed ur solidarity.

Beokay: it wasn't a hardship! Very yummy curry... bit of a pity that the situation comes to this but the things that happen and the media coverage give me the irrits :-)<br />
<br />
Delta: Thank you. Not sure whether we were kind or hungry??? I thought the day was a good idea.

your awesome!