I’ve had a lifelong interest with vinyl and plastic. One of those things turned out to be raincoats. In second grade there was a girl named Michele who would sometimes wear a shiny red short jacket. I’d get these weird feelings followed by what the older kids called a “*****”.

By the time I was in my early teens I noticed many of the girls were wearing vinyl jackets and raincoats at school. I can remember going in the store with my mother and sister to pick out clothes for the school year. I’d see them on display in various colors and prints. They looked so pretty. I remember passing through an aisle with a bunch of them of them and feeling the sleeves of a white and blue striped jacket as I walked by. Oh, how I wanted to wear them.

One day I went to get something out the hall coat closet and there was a new jacket I hadn’t seen before. Apparently mom got one of those (popular in the ‘80s) reversible hooded vinyl raincoats with the contrasting stitching and the snap closure. The outside was a light blue with a texture while the inside was a shiny dark blue.

The next time my parents went out for dinner I had a closer look. I took off my clothes and put on a pair of mom’s panties and tried it on. The vinyl was cold on my skin but it felt nice. I reversed it so the shiny side was out. I fastened the snaps up and walked around a little. It made gentle crinkling noises as I moved. I went to the mirror and teased myself, pretending to be one of the girls I’d seen wearing these at school. I got so worked up I that I had to lay down on the floor in the living room and jack off.

After I shot my load I lay there in the afterglow enjoying the moment. About then I heard my parent’s car pull in the driveway. I got up and put mom’s panties back, got dressed but didn’t have enough time to put the raincoat back. I hid it in my room behind the bed. My parents came in and as they put their coats away in the closet I heard my dad ask my mother “Where’s the blue one?” Mom answered “I don’t know”.

 I thought they were going to ask me but they didn’t. Later, after Dad had gone to bed mom was alone in the living room reading. I came out and brought her raincoat with me. I told her I used it to scare a cat out of the yard. She seemed to buy it and it was never discussed again. And that would not be the last time I wore it. 


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When I was in the fifth through the eighth grades, especially during the first two of those school years, a lot of kids wore leather-look vinyl coats that had snaps. I loved them and, eventually, owned a couple of them. They were brown. As an adult, I have owned several. I always have loved them They look even better when they are covered with water and soap!

I remember those. I had a friend who owned a brown one.