Some time ago I visited my first CMNF-party in Cologne. I was completely curious and a little bit excitedly, on which what should happen in this evening. On time I appeared to given on address to be led then with two other couples in the cellar of an office house. Carefully I observe first the ladies while departing and undressing. Many wore no briefs. After they ******** their dress, stood there most in the Evas costume (completely naked). Almost all ladies were shaved and epilated in the Hollywood-style, two or three had Brazilian-Cut or Landing-*****. Only both ladies with briefs had a full bush. The vault cellar lays 5 m underground and was furnished elegantly in different rooms and niches. All together there came 28 ladies from whom only two ladies carried slips in the form of bikini trousers and an other woman a g-string. Six or seven ladies were stark naked in High-Heels, others carried an unterbreast-corsage, nylons, gloves, some ladies carried hats and all one mask in the Venetian style. The audience was international, among other things were present a couple from Switzerland and the USA. There was a cold-warm buffet to the strengthening. Then later poker was played and the profit was a stark naked lady, who enjoyed herself with the winner. Unfortunately another man won. Some men seated blind-folded and stood to the ladies at their possession full of relish. Then in the course of the night hot scenes happened in the different rooms. I have enjoyed myself with my favorite lady then later with relish and fun. All together it was a fantastic, erotic and excellent evening with many nice, very beautiful naked ladies. I am glad quite tremendously about my next CMNF-party.
Arvado Arvado
56-60, M
Aug 31, 2014