I walk into your gallery, you're there sitting at your desk all demur and professional, friendly and helpful. You see me coming in all professional in my dark suit and bright crimson tie. I meet your eyes as I walk over to you, you quickly meet my eyes and then look away casting your gaze down onto your desk as if you are doing something but I know from your reaction that you feel the power emanating from me.

I walk over to you and say I have a meeting scheduled with the manager of the gallery could you please advise them that I am here, let them know I'm here I am on a tight schedule. You immediately pick up your phone and speak to someone on the other end, then set your phone down and look up at me then quickly glance away unable to hold my eye contact and say I am to show you up to their office on the top floor. You stand and say could you please follow me, I follow drinking in your form wrapped in a professional black skirt and white blouse and black stockings hinting at the sultry underwear hidden beneath.

You walk to the elevator and press the button to call the the car, at that a number of other people crowd around to take the elevator as well. We enter the car and you press the button to the top floor and then proceed to the back of the car I walk in and stand behind you as the other passengers enter. I'm standing so close to you, you can feel my crutch against your ***, my breath on your neck, the power emanating from me.

The car starts to move up and you feel me move against you then whisper in your ear, you want me to touch you don't you, you want to feel my hands on you, as you feel me slide my had up your stocking'd leg under your skirt to cup your cheek and give it a gentle squeeze, You're feeling the warmth begin to spread, aren't you? with a slight gasp and shake of your head, as if to say no, but the gasp said so much more. Then you feel the back of your skirt lift to expose your *** making your heart race and your breath catch as both cheeks clasped and fondled, then the hands begin to slide down your legs, under your skirt and around the side, pulling you against the bulge in my pants, grinding you against me, leaving you no doubt that I want you and I'll take you when I want because at that moment you're mine to control. I can hear you breathing heavier and I'm sure that from the front your nipples are like little bullets standing proud showing your arousal. The car stops, the hands disappear and your skirt drops as if nothing has happened, the doors open and passengers disembark then they slide closed again.

There are only a few passengers left including us all standing in front and once again you feel your skirt lift but this time you hear a zip quietly open then feel a hardness against your ***, it twitches and pulses leaving you in no doubt how aroused I am, then the hands are there again pulling you against me, my hands getting more daring slipping around you and gently pulling your legs open, you shift your stance and part your legs slightly and feel my hands slide down your inner thighs stroking you gently and raising a slight moan from you so quiet only I can hear, then my hands slip up and you feel them cup your ***** gently massaging you, all the time you feel my hard **** massaging the crack of your ***, sliding up and down you feel the wetness of my pre-*** coating you. Then my hands are searching for the leg of your panties one finger, two and then three slip under to massage your lips spreading your wetness, leaving no doubt your excitement.

The lift car stops again and another couple of people disembark but this time your skirt stays up my hard **** pressed firmly in your cleft all movement stops but for the fingers exploring, massaging and pleasuring your ***** causing you to moan quietly and lean back against me, drawing a few quick glances from those leaving but no-one notices or they don't say anything. Once again the doors close and my pleasuring of you increases driving you ever closer, as the urgency of my **** rutting up and down the cleft of your delicious *** increases. My fingers push inside you whilst my thumb massages your **** bringing you higher and higher. You can feel that I'm about to *** covering your *** in sticky white ***, the urgency of the strokes the breathing in your ear the incessant pleasure from from my fingers driving you to the point of release until finally you boil over and you collapse back against me a tiny gasp and little moan escaping, with that you feel my **** pulse and slight moan and groan and then the warm wet stickiness that is my *** covering your ***.

Then the fingers disappear from your panties the hands vanish and your skirt drops back into place covering the *** that is starting to run down over your *** leaving you coated under your skirt, you hear my zip and everything back and professional looking. The doors open and we get off you show me to your managers office and as I enter, I whisper, you are a very good girl, I hope you enjoy my present, be sure to wear it all day, as my mark. Louder I say thank you for your assistance you may go back to your duties. Then lower I say I'll collect your number on my way out, have it ready.

Inspired by Bound34s stories.

Wheels64 Wheels64
46-50, M
Aug 21, 2014