All the Time

I see my Chiropractor at least twice a week.  I have 2 slipped discs, and went thru physical therapy, which didn't do much for me.  My regular DR told me that my next step was back surgery to fuse the 3 vertebrae.  I said no way.  So I looked into alternatives, and the chiropractor was one. 

A good friend works for an insurance company in risk management, and pointed out that my doctor prob pays like $100,00+ per year in malpractice insurance, and my chiropractor like $500.  Hmmmm, sounds pretty safe.  So I tried it.

And it worked!  No surgery.  I stopped for awhile when I moved because I couldn't find one that I liked.  I've since moved back to the area, and have started seeing my old Chiropractor again.  We're on the twice a week plan to correct the damage that I've done for the last 3 years, and then I'll go back to seeing him once a week, then down to once a month for maintainence.

pilotjess pilotjess
36-40, F
May 12, 2008