My Girlfriend Loved It!

About a month ago my buddy invited me to a ***** club which I of course wanted my girlfriend to come to. Before going I had talked to her about if she would ever go up on stage. A little nervous talking about it when we got there it was a different story. We sat down in perverts row having a few drinks. Bartender (with an amazing body) came over to us offering us shooter shots. We both ended up having hooter shooters which my girlfriend loved digging her face into the girls ****, I of course took my time getting the shot out. Once the bartender came back for the third time and I bought the bartender a drink I told her she had to do something fun for my girlfriend. She straddles on top of my girlfriend, looks over at me and asks me to take her shirt off leaving her only with a bra. We had everyones attention in the club, I wish my girlfriend had to take off her shirt but hopefully another time. The bartender was left walking around in the bra the rest of the night.

After going outside for a smoke and me asking one of the girls smoking if she'd ever been up on stage, she said yes and told my girlfriend she would love it. Went back inside to our front row seats and when we saw a nice ******** come on stage I laid out a $20 bill in front of my girlfriend to be dragged up on stage. The ******** took care of the rest unbuttoning her shirt and pushing up her bra, sucking her nipples, making out with her, crowd went crazy......girlfriend loved it!
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

nice..good stuff, thanks for sharing.