Sex and Drugs, Yuppers I'd...

Sex and drugs, yuppers I'd sure go if I xcould.
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The Dutch actually seperate certain districts from mainstream tourist areas. <br />
The Ladies of the "windows" are famous... As are certain cafes. Although discrete they are there just the same. <br />
There are some countries I might not want to take kids to for a variety of reasons . This just might be one of them. Although I am sure there are guided day tours where they could go via bus to enjoy the mainstreanm sights if they were of the right age to do so. frankly I would be extremely reticent to take little children to darn near any foreign country. Canada and England not withstanding. World is just too scarey a place for lilmones these days. I talk a lot of smack for fun but am in truth a real conservative parent. Fortunately mine are adult now except the last and he thinks he is, 16 going on 40 according to him !Lol

Not a chance , We would invade and enjoy a EP expedition come on one and all!<br />
Time to play. Damn near everythings is legal here so maybe I won't get in too much trouble ha!<br />
Better keep a eye on you girls though , ya are a rowdy bunch. LoL Where's Brute? Come on baby girl fun for all..

Oh, I was just kidding. "I" wouldn't sit in a cafe and look at a menu of smoke from every where and ponderf the delicious difference metween Morocan and Blonde leboneese . Oh, no-o-o not me. I would go see all the old dutch masters, go for canal rides. Drink wine have a picnic as we floated along. Take pictures of windmills and the fields of flowers. Say do ya suppose ya can do BOTH? Damn I think it is possible. Lol<br />
Fun upon yaz all!

LOL... it seems to be the popular reason though.

I'm sure there are much better reasons to visit.