Part One...

So, I was in Amsterdam. the people I was with decided to watch a live sex show. I thought OK I'm in. Why not.

So the show was in progress and we were given a free drink. Of course, they didn't have anything that I wanted. We were in the back and couldn't really see anything. I was just drinking my drink.

The show ended and it was like OK. I still have my drink. We moved to a better seat to get the full affect. I must have missed something. I can't really see the draw so far.

So I was chatting with the waitresses. We started to have a god time. then this guy came in wearing sweats and a bad demeanor. he sat next to me and the end of the bench. My friends were on the other side. The waitresses gave him a weird look as if they knew him. I still had a drink, but not the same, so I was good.

Well, the show was starting. I didn't have time to dilly dally on such menial thoughts. As it started, this naked guy and girl got on stage and started having sex. OK, still not seeing the big deal to fly all those miles.

As the show went on, the waitresses started lightly giggling. I looked to my left and the man was playing with himself watching the show. Now, that just isn't right. I looked at my friends and tried to change seats. They would have none of that idea. the waitresses knew I was having a hard time (but not in that way you sick-os), so they brought me a drink.

So, I had my drink and I just started rolling with it. He kept trying to get close and close to ME!!!! I'm not part of the show. I'd push him away and move close to my friends. See, the problem is, I think he finished and wanted to cuddle. I was the closest object.

So, all in all that was not the best part of my vacation, but I have a story.
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4 Responses Jun 27, 2007

WOW....what a jerk off. (sorry, I couldn't help it)

How mean are you... give the guy a little. He just needed a friend. I'm sure after all he went through at least a hand shake would have done it... LMAO YUCK!!!!

Wow. At least it wasn't a boring trip. You have something to write home about!

lol. i'm sorry, i'm trying really hard not to laugh, but it is highly entertaining...<br />
i hope the rest of your trip was better???