Wonderful Amsterdam

The city is quaint, lovely and unique. It is bursting with culture, fun and the most beautiful people you will find anywhere. 

The Amsterdammers I met, seemed to like to show me how sophisticated they were when it comes to social experiments.     

Of course I loved it! It was sooo cool to hear their take on legal prostitution, drug tolerance and euthanasia. I hate having to pull something out of somebody. People are usually so reticent about something that you, as a foreigner, think is interesting about their country. It always seems to be something that they consider either shameful or irrelevant. 

Not Amsterdammers! They have opinions and they want to share them! In fluent English or a few other languages besides no less!  

The old part of the city is obviously crammed with cute old buildings, but don't let that stop you from seeing their fabulous modern architecture! The Dutch have been at the forefront of building design for the last 100 years. (Think Rem Koolhaas, De Stijl). The suburbs and business parks around the old centre abound with examples of their genius.

Oh yes, if you go to a club, nothing you can possibly wear, will be as outrageous as what the most boring person will be wearing!




w0lf w0lf
46-50, M
Aug 8, 2007