Way Too Many Times and Never Bored...

At least 4 times: I have partied, I went to several coffeeshops and I dont even smoke weed, I visited the red light district, I shopped, I visited Anne Frank house museum, the Van gogh, rembrant museum.  All fun.

The last time I was really pissed off, I was just in transit for a couple of hours so i decided to go for a quick visit and breakfast. Too bad I was really tired after like 9 hrs flight with my dog and i took the wrong train to Utrecht, to the contrary direction! I slept and when I woke up like 20 mins later I just saw bunch of ppl getting off I figured I was there. Nope... it took me 30 mins walking around to realize it was not Amsterdam, I was so exausted i didnt want to figure out how to get back on train so I took a taxi that cost me ****** 90 euros... well at least I had 20 mins to grab breakfast in front of the DAM..  

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

lol well I was with my husband twice, I didnt mind for him to look at the girsl, I mean, that's the point... I even looked and told them they were beautiful. <br />
I think it's such a pretty place, with different faces of the city. Hey the Heineken tour was great too!

Spent a week there in 2001. Visited all the places u mentioned and i also went to a jazz club that was legendary. Loved all the bikes piled up everywhere and the narrow little houses all leaning forward over the canals. The red ligth district was really strange. Lots of tourists peering thorugh wnidows at almost naked girls who are selling sex. Was very tempted by two indonesian twins but my wife kinda put a stop to that.