Kept Pinching Myself...not Really!!!

Tho "raised" on a cotton farm in Missouri I ALWAYS held history as my first love and hobby...a few years back my cousin & I flew into Ams and her nephew (who lived in Germany) picked us up...for 2 wks we toured & I felt I was in a dream...seeing the places I'd studied about..I'll never forget the countryside, people, food!!!, and my feet touching down in castles, cathedrals, the Eiffel was great, as he knew what areas with the most to offer, so we shared expenses & experiences--seeing far more!! than these high cost tour packages. Visited Dachau, being in the 'attic' & seeing first hand where Anne & her family hid out..taking the water'd be great to hear from ya'll...(as we say here in the south). It seems impossible that this gal, who chopped and picked cotton, actually danced in Amsterdam, Germany & France!!!
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41-45, F
Aug 21, 2007