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During my travels in Europe, I kept a journal. Here is the excerpt from when I was in Amsterdam, slightly edited. The odd rhythm to my writing is likely because I was high while writing this. The exchange rate at the time was €8 = $10.


It is June 17th. I am sitting in the Sevilla Coffeeshop. I am smoking a joint of 100% marijuana rolled into a joint the size of my pinky. I am drinking a Fanta and listening to some ******* crazy techno. I love Amsterdam.

An Account of My Adventures in Europe.

June 16th (written on the 17th)
Arrived in Amsterdam today. Slept. Met up w/ my two buddies @ 4pm. Buddy A said "Math will set you freee!" to my sister. We went in the mushroom shop and were surprised to see mushrooms all packaged up for sale. Wow. Then we went to Andalucia Coffeeshop. We all bought weed and got real high. I'll never forget Buddy A dancing down the street, then quick stopping behind a bush and popping out with a lit joint. We wandered for an hour and ended up at the Mellow Yellow. We chatted w/ some Dublin girls and smoked some more. About 2 hours later, we wandered to Smokey's and smoked some more. **** I was high. Returned to The Atlanta Hotel and crashed @ about 12. I spent €45 on weed and food. A lot considering weed is cheap as hell here...

June 17th
Dagheed and Sevilla. They are killers man. I am soo high. God Damn. I think I just shat myself. First I met up w/ my two buddies @ their Hostel. I woke them, but then we parted. Me, mom, and sister went on the Heineken Tour. I drank some beers. Ate @ a place. Then parted from family. I went strait to Dagheed and smoked twice before I got there then again once inside. Then I went to Sevilla Coffee Shop and smoked a lot more. I also began my journaling there. Now I'm @ the park outside the hotel. I have no idea what time it is. I am soo keyed. Holy ****. Spent about €12 today. Bought some poppy pods. Ah yes, a hobo harassed me today. I had no clue what he was saying.

June 18th, Saturday
Just woke up. It is 4pm. I am naked. I love Europe. I’m gonna go get some absinthe and chill on the internet.
~7:15 Just met up w/ the buddies. Buddy A told me how he did boomers last night and stayed up all night on blow. Apparently he spent like €300 last night on random ****, and coke. Also, his credit card was stolen. Buddy B is on “Philosophers Stones” right now.
Ate Italian for dinner. My sister, mom, and I all split a bottle of wine. Yay for alcohol! Met up w/ the guys @ their hostel. Walked around, oh yea, before that, after dinner, I travelled around the Red Light District, god damn. There is a lot of hookers there. Anywase, my buddies and I went looking for the absinthe bar. It was cool, had my first drink of absinthe... meh, overrated. Sleepytime...

1 shot of prepared absinthe was €8!

June 19th
Got up. Ate. Went to internet café. Went to Central Station. Ditched poppy pods because I never used them and we are going to Germany. Who know what the laws are in Germany & how good their drug dogs are. Either way, I’m not ******* w/ it, Germans don’t play around!

July 1st [After visiting Germany and France]
Today we left Paris, by train, for Amsterdam. Uneventful. Got to Amsterdam 4 hrs later, ate some food, then I split off to go get high. I ran into a hobo bugging me for change. He had contacts in! I called him on it and walked away. He said I was really ****** up. LOL.

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Holy smokes haha

I am part Danish and never had used Marijuana. Why advertise you do? I know how different Europe & the United States are on this topic.

And I live in Holland and never use any drugs..... <br />
Only one comment, you should change the sentence on 100% marijuana... you don't live to tell that! Otherwise, nice to read....