I Visited England

I went to England at the end of last year... it was the beginning of a Contiki tour for me... Russel Square.

On the day we arrived we went around on a bus around London and took in all the sights. Due to jetlag everything seemed a bit crazy but wow... we then headed off on tour around Europe for some time before returning to London for a few days.

I met up with a friend I had spoken to online and he showed us around a bit... He was really crazy too! This made it even more fun :)

I also came across an insane store called Beard Papa's which sells only Cream Puffs!!! What a concept :) And we were also warned by locals to avoid a Thai food place where they claimed a low price buffet, but it was revealed to us that everything was microwaved. Much appreciated! :)

Having just had a taste of London/England, I would now like to go back and take it slowly and with someone who knows a bit more about the place.

We also visited Stonehenge which is a little underwhelming... lol. But it was good to see the country side, the roman baths and get out of london for a while!

I could probably write more but nothing much comes to mind right now..

Let me just add that when I first arrived in London and saw a lot of the architecture, I was very impressed, however, after travelling around Europe, upon returning to London, the architecture was no where near as detailed or amazing as I had previously thought so. I'm no expert on architecture though, but this is just something I noticed... That said, I still like London :) (They speak English!!! :))
paulw91 paulw91
22-25, M
Nov 18, 2007