Wld Recommend....

Like sightseeing, history, heritage etc..

Have visited twice but spent more time looking around the Palace more.  Parts of the Palace dates from Tudor times, Geogian times,,,,

To look around, take in the sights, experience,,, was at times breathtaking & awe inspiring.

Had a brief look at Gardens, but think the 1st visit, weather was fine most of the time  but by the time I thought about having a look around the Gardens, grounds it rained, so I abandoned that idea

If I ever go again, I will have a look at the the things I didn't get to see,,,, Like alot of places u visit, sometimes so  much to see or do in a single visit.......

I would recommend people go, to make up their own minds what they think.


ChocEclair ChocEclair
36-40, F
Mar 20, 2011