Say Evet To Istanbul

I lived in Istanbul for six months and have travelled numerous times to Turkey. I have to say this is one of my favourite places. Istanbul is best enjoyed in spring I think, summer can be fun but extremely hot and winter just plain wet. See as much of the city on or off the beaten path. See the mosques (and if you're not Muslim please be respectful), visit the bazaars, parks, restaurants (Turkish food is awesome). Taksim is great for partying and of course shop, shop, shop! There's so much to take in and enjoy in this fabulous city!

My top 12 things to do in Istanbul list

1. Hagia Sofia
2. Suliemanye Mosque
3. Sultanahmet Mosque (the Blue Mosque)
4. Dolmabache Palace
5. Çamlica Hill
6. The Grand Bazaar
7. Topkapi Palace
8. Galata Tower/Bridge
9. Beylerbeyi Palace
10. Princes Island
11. Taksim
12. A cruise on the Bosphorous River
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Love your story :)......... i love turkey

I would be very glad if you add me as a friend here. I'm from Istanbul in Turkey :) Have a nice time..xx