Cappadeoci access to approximately 8 hours of air-conditioned bus ride did. hostesses were very pleasant and a nice ride was very polite and courteous. Special cave we went to the hotel, the hotel rooms were very spacious feraj wide, warm in winter and cool in summer, which has a natural ventilation system. They offered unlimited buffet breakfast in the morning and I just drank coffee because I'm on a diet. Cappadocia is a wonder of nature and the formation of the lava cooling after Hasan Dag consists of Cappadocia. Is anyone coming from another planet asks the question came. Uchisar went and here the best cappadocia cappadocia landscape hill and had a very nice here. We went to Cappadocia Goreme open air museum, where many fairy chimneys and cave people who had lived here and worshiped in both.

Reserved cave church where Christianity first spread to Europe and then spread. Reserved virgin mary and jesus prophets in the church is decorated with mosaics and paintings. Ihlara valley, the wonders of nature in the middle of the river, on both sides of the river there are numerous cave and people live here. At the Pigeon vallley numerous birds including pigeon flights are watched here. I joined Cappadocia balloon tours and many balloons were flying in the sky, and here we had a very nice view of cappadocia. Cappadocia balloon tour was a celebration with champagne after. Iron and deep-pile 5-7 storey underground cities and people from Roman soldiers to take refuge in the winter and snowy weather and have lived here for curry. Use water were only bread and wine. Avanos very beautiful handicrafts and souvenir shops are sold.
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Aug 25, 2014