Not One, But Two

Two of my brothers still live in New Orleans, and I have gone to visit them both.  My parents live there as well.  I grew up there and went to undergrad there.  It's a fantastic place and I hope it comes back to the way it was before Katrina.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

It's slow, but it's coming back. My parents and brothers still live there. My parents actually live right near the lakefront on the south side of the Lake. Tulane U is back in business, but the med school is still in bad shape from what I hear.

So, how is the Big Easy doing?? I lived all around the Lake for years, but on the other side.....I was so sad to see Tulane and Charity basically destroyed.....And Slidell just almost doesn't exist anymore from what I hear....<br />
How is it down there??