Fell In Love With Nyc

New York city is by far, the most exciting and fabulous place I have ever visted. Did the full touristy bit, landmarks, East River moonlight dinner cruise, took in a Broadway show and lots of shopping too.

Here's a photograph I took of my most favourite skyscraper in the world. It's probably not as well known as the Rockefeller, the Chrysler or the Empire State but I love its proportions. If there was a kid's book on skyscrapers, this cartoony masterpiece would be on the front cover...


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All the years i lived in NY and the few times i was in NYC i never did most of the touristy things there. But they are still on my list of things to do b4 i die :) I think it would be sweet to rent and apartment there for one year and really immerse myself in the city to get a really good taste of it. :) sweet daydreams for now. .. <br />
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By the way EM - so glad that little fiat could not hurt your steel monster mitsubishi :) There was no way to reply to that post of yours so i mentioned it here :)

"it was like home from home but taller"<br />
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Great line!<br />
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Yes, Art Deco buildings are beautiful. The foyer in the Empire State was being re-decorated when we visited so I couldn't photograph the beautiful wall above the elevators :( Maybe I'll be able to this year?!

Aw I love New York, it was like home from home but taller.<br />
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The architecture was amazing, I fell in love with the Empire State, but Im a sucker for Art Deco buildings

Once you've visted, you're smitten. That's why we have to go back this Christmas.<br />
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One of the things I remember was the audience behaviour in Broadway shows. We bought tickets for Spamalot in the Shubert Theatre on West 44th Street. In the West End of London, audiences remain quietly awaiting the start of the show. People take their seats and read the programme or whisper to their partner. All very reserved! On Broadway, however, the experience is more alive, more exciting. People laugh and chat between rows, turning to one another holding animated conversations. Then, as the curtain rises, thay all cheer. It's an altogether more 'happy' occasion - one big party. Americans know how to make the most of an evening out!

Yes, thanks for the advice. We plan to visit again later this year - to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree and all the department stores dressed for the season. We don't know too much about particular areas but are always keen to hear the advice of others. For our last trip, we stayed at the - Grand Hyatt next to Grand Central Station on E 42nd Street. This was a superb base as everything was a short walk away.<br />
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We loved the Central Cafe for breakfast too at Pershing Square just in front of the station.

I love NYC too. If you have a chance and go back, may I suggest just picking a neighborhood (like the East Village, or Upper West Side etc) and just walk around..that way you'll find so many interesting places you might never have found. So glad you had fun and took photos...that way you can always re-visit.