I only had to go to class today for my final (which I got 100 on) *giggles*. I did my sale shopping that needed to happen and then decided that I was going to pay a visit to IVoteForPedro! She had to work today, also a consignment shop like me, and was all alone. I haven't seen her since we did lunch a while back and it was nice to chat. I stopped and got coffee for us and MSP got a way over due lunch too. We hung out for a long while and I hunted through her store in between bites of my chicken.

Not so exciting I know but it was kinda funny when she spilled the cup of cream into a basket of toys! Oh not gonna smell pretty tomorrow is it.  It was just nice and we enjoyed the chat so it was a good day!

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

she is a sweetie and i'm sure i could have hidden there all day but life does call... *heavy sigh*