I Live As Female

when iam alone at home.i will wear mom saree.when iam wearing saree at my lowhip navel.i feel like in heaven.when coming outside the home i wear bra inside shirt.iam boy but how I changed.this is my story begins.At 14years for me,one boy touched navel deeply that is 1st experience.he told you looking beauty di.At the class itself another boy kissed my hip heavily.he also said u are awesome.All boys and girls were saw that kiss given that by boy.I was shy but it was something different to me.I Started to develop my chest to boobs.i raised my hip tosome extent.girls will have long hip than boys.i work out everyday to become as a girl.recently while travelling in a bus one boy sit by near me and he touched my full body and said you should be a girl and why you wearing shirt and pant.Go and remove pant and wear saree.oneday iam in home alone .i want to wear saree .At first i wear ear rings then bangles.Then i wear bra it touched my boobs. i become girl.Then searched for matching jacket for saree .After wearing jacket .i was front of mirror i can see my beautiful navel.everybody u having soft body.u are not eligible to man.And having soft navel so when i striping saree to my navel.i feel only that iam female.because i excerised my navel to become soft.so any crossdresser interested me . please suggest me as your friend.
arunkumar99 arunkumar99
1 Response Jul 5, 2012

thanks for your comments,but u want to be male enjoying female cloths.but i want to be as female enjoy female clothes.