I Have Brodie Here Today


I have Brodie here today...

His owner got into a fight with her bf, I guess...got arrested for warrants, the dog was left alone in the house for 5 days...don't know WHY THE POLICE LEFT HIM IN THE HOUSE?!!!!!!! JACKHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!


He was not eating, barely peeing or pooping at the Shelter, but he seems fine now

I bought him two McDonald's 1/4 pounders...he ate the first right away, so I bought the second and mixed it in with some dog food the Shelter gave me for him

...speaking of which, I think I will give him some more food. I took it up because he was coughing after eating some of the dog food/quarter-pounder mix and I was worried that it might be too much for him after having not eaten for so long...

...one sec...

...nope, he's not hungry...

...will update later.... :-)

Got to take Brodie to the vet in the morning, to get his ears checked, he is scratching at them...of course, his owner - the one trying to make bail - didn't finish the course of treatment for his ears several months ago...moron....

UPDATE: I still have Brodie...and I am even beginning to explore the possibility of adopting him.

BonVie BonVie
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You are the best thing to ever happen to that dog, BonVie! I hope you decide to become his new daddy.

Lol!! Thank you! Well, he is a pretty good guy to have around, too...part of why I am like, "I just don't know if I can let him slip away," is because he is just SO well behaved! Plus, I have been told that he follows me with his eyes whenever he sees me...he needs me, I think...Rusty loves me, too...I just hope I can save him...don't know whether the happy or sad emoticon is best here...amazing no one has turned the Comedy and Tragedy masks into emoticons....*runs to google with c&p in hand*

He sounds like he is perfect for you! It's tragic when you find a companion and yet, it is still so iffy. I really hope you get to keep him. A well behaved dog is a great thing. I have a rescue terrier (or more accurately TERROR) that was abused in her previous home and left with nothing but dumpsters to eat from. She's batshit crazy and I'll mannered, but still so lovable. You won't regret it. :D :D

Well good on you for looking after him *Big Hug* I love dogs and all things furry.<br />
Don't give him too much McD's though.....don't want him turning into Ronald McDonald lol

Thank you! Me too!

Lol! I totally agree! Thankfully I have some chicken I can give him! :-)

Please don't give him too much food! He might vomit.

Right! That's what I was worried about, which is why I stopped him when I did...turned out he wasn't interested in more when it was offered to him, though, lol...the bowl is down for him, if he wants it