Volunteering Is Harding Than I Thought

Seeing the sad animals literally breaks my heart. It's so hard knowing that 73% of the cats that go in the shelter don't come out. Especially once you get to know them and know their personality, they are all such lovers! If I could, I'd build a big house and house them ALL. Please, anyone reading this, PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING AN ANIMAL AND SAVING THEIR LIFE! It makes you feel better, them feel better, the percentage go down. If everyone put their two cents in, the animals would be in such a better place.

hmoorephoto hmoorephoto
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Shelter animals are amazing!<br />
I agree with what you said which is why I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter. I just would not be able to handle knowing some of the animals would die just because they didn't have a home.

that's so true ..adopt a pet. Shelters are the best place to find a friend.