Helps My Mental Health

Since Jan 2009 Ive been volunteering mainly as a cook a few times a week at a clubhouse Im a member at for those with mental health issues. I cook between 1-2 dinners per week for up to 40 people and lunches almost 5 days a week and brunch or whenever needed. Members can get paid an extra $100.00 per month for volunteering which Im choosing not to get despite I could really use it. I love being in the kitchen. I can have the radio on and Create I also help with the meal planning, typing out the menus ect. Im also doing a lot of the offfice work any  that the staff wants me to do. There is about 100 members and non of them really do nothing esp since they wont be getting the $100.00. The stafff knows how I feel esp when members complain about something I get ticked off. I dont see any of them doing what I do I have numerous health issues but I need to keep busy.

I found if I keep busy Im fine for at least for a few hours where I dont think about my fibro pain or anything. I like how some members come up and ask me to cook something they like.


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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

I love living close to Penticton. I am in Kaleden, and volunteer at many festivals. Please consider joining me at one of the festivals.