I Work With Special Needs Children

My 16 year old daughter and I volunteer at a local ranch that gives therapy to special needs children through horseback riding. The ranch offers services to a variety of people from children with PTSD from abuse, cerebral palsy, autism and many more. We have met some extroadinary people. Some of these children are so happy and giving that one would wonder who really has the disability. One of the most healthy married couples goes for therapy at the ranch. The husband is autistic and the wife has down syndrome. If you say any band name or song, Jerry (the husband), can tell you everything about it with exact dates. It really interesting talking with him. They are the sweetest and happiest couple you could ever meet.
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2 Responses May 16, 2011

I admire your idea to give back to others. That is what you are doing when you volunteer to help, You are giveing back some of the love and kindness that has been given to you. That makes you one of the good guys.

I admire you so much. I have adopted 2 special needs children. The youngest is 7 , but has the skills of a nine month old, he is so precious, I worry what will happen to him when I am gone. He giggles and laughs. He is still in diapers and bottles. His bio parents took drugs, had no prenatal care, and the dad tried to kill him in utero. I named him Noah Christian, he is so precious. The other has severe mental problems, but can function ok, she is so abusive to me, and Noah. It's hard to deal with her physical abuse. It's not her fault, at let her know how much she is loved. I truly want the best for both. Keep up your kind deeds. God bless you both.