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Real Happiness

Many time i faced the question and i read too in many books and articles that what is HAPPINESS and i read many definitions and of course we all have different definitions of Happiness according to our knowledge understanding and experience, but i went to through a true experience and i experienced the real meanings of Happiness that words cannot explain...

I volunteered with a charity who was helping a center of Disabled people and i went there with them and spend my whole day and we talked to disabled people and we cleaned their rooms and and ironed their dresses and polish their shoes and played different games and watch cartoons movies with them and at that moment i was feeling that i am the world most happy person on face of earth . the satisfaction and a kind of happiness running inside me i cannot explain.... and at that moment i understood that happiness is all to help others to make other happy to share other people burdens and do any thing which can make other people life easy and can bring a few minutes smiles on their faces..

Now on every weekend i go as a volunteer with different charities and spend my whole weekend and i went to my village and there too i talked to my university mates about idea to help others in any way .. and we made a small group and we volunteer for different causes and we help others ...

I find out the joy of feeding hungry, helping some one who needs blood or helping different organization, Schools, Hospitals, parks in any way will give you happiness and satisfaction that you cannot buy or can get any where else...
silentvoices silentvoices 26-30 May 4, 2012

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