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I volunteer in an association helping cats of the street. The main goal of the association is to sterilize these cats for they don't reproduce, and as a result, that there're less kittens found on the street, what happens very often as people can't keep them. They also take the kittens, and all the cats sociable enough to be adopted.

I don't do much for now, as I was asked to get familair with the association first. I wanted to be a temporay family for kittens who are about to be adopted, but I already have four adult cats at home, so it's not so possible, it's not so big here. But I can give posters to the seller in the quarter, and talk to people about the days of adoption. They're two coming in July, so I guess I'll have work to do to help them. I could also go to one of these days of adoption to see how it works. Anyway, I'm happy to help poor animals.

And also, if you want an animal, think about adoption. Adult cats or kittens are to be adopted, lots of them. At least when you take a kitten in an association, you have then times more the chance that he'll live, because the volunteers take good care of them, and they receive medical care. Not in an animal shop!

Please, adopt : )

Edited: I proposed to be a host family for kittens : )
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Jun 26, 2012