Because I Want To, Not Because I Have To

In a recent debate over religious ideas and how people act and react because of them, it was brought up that I have issues with being charitable. Needless to say I took offence to this statement especially based on the fact that I volunteer a great deal of my time.

I help the local Soccer team during the season through managing the field and the concession stand.

I visit the old age home and help in whatever way they require at least once a week.

I often find myself visiting friends knowing that they need help with house work or other matters in which i can help in.

Never do I do this out of obligation or because it is expected of me through some misplaced religious need. More important, to me at least, is that I never give my time and compassion to others with a string attached to it, namely the name of a religious organization.

I happily give of myself to help anyone who needs it and never expect anything in return, that is what true charity is about and should not be made part of any religious idea as it cheapens the act for those like me who actually do it for the right reasons.
WrathAngel WrathAngel
36-40, F
Dec 12, 2012