In 1998 I went overseas to volunteer in a two-week archaeological dig in Valencia, Spain through Volunteers For Peace (VFP).

I met friends from Estonia, Poland, France, Spain, Russia, Portugal, and Denmark. I found out that mosquitos will pick me out of a group of 30 people to feast on (I am their caviar). I discovered that I can conquer my fear of heights (sort of). I learned that I was physically stronger than I had always thought. I found out was Valencian Baroque architecture was. I saw poverty that astonished me; and smiling, happy faces, despite their poverty.

I resolved to go back or at least to travel more, because it opened my eyes and my heart to the world around me. It was a special time, one I will carry with me always.

My life story will last 80 years or more (I hope). That is 80 years full of memories and valuable experiences. And my story is but one of billions of others also happening in my lifetime. And our stories in this lifetime are but a small part of the billions and billions that have passed out of existence.

How precious and rare we all are. Soak up this world!

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like VendettA12 - would love to go to Europe - but is for now a 'someday' plan. Italy & Spain are def 1st choices.

London is a vibrant city but I have worked their on occasions and therefore it doesn't seem as exotic to me. Paris is the place for me. On the left bank there are these amazing bookshops. In one of them volunteer students work there and they provide a couple of beds for people to crash on. Very bohemian. I also went to a restaurant called Bofinger in the Bastille district. It is astonishing. Being on the go since about 1890. If they ahve a web site give it a look.

France, England, Italy... Ya, we'll need at least 3 or 4 weeks lol.

Get to Italy if u can. I put some pics of Italy in my album

I am envious of anyone that gets to spend time in Europe. So much history and culture. Someday we plan on taking a trip there, but we don't want to go until we can afford to spend 3 or 4 weeks there.

nice story. I visited Valencia 10 years ago to work in the new hospital. for a short while. Love the history of the place. <br />
not too keen on some of the more modern aspects of the coastal areas but all in all it was a great experience