Budgie and Parakeet

This was on a weird day when we had two avian patients. A budgie was brought in because it looked like it was having seizures, and was having trouble breathing. Now, there's not much you can do for a budgie, so we just put him (with his cage) in the oxygen kennel that some of the post op patients get, and put a heating pad under his cage.

Meanwhile, we had a parakeet come in that was just sitting on the bottom of her cage and not moving. She also had a suspicious bulge in her abdomen. Initial suspicion: tumour. But upon a bit of prodding (as well as questioning the owner) the vet decided it was just an egg. The parakeet was "egg bound" - she was trying to lay her egg, but it wouldn't come out. Parakeet gets a progesterone injection to try to give her a hand.

Back to budgie: he's doing much better, surprisingly. Soon enough, he's taken out of the oxygen kennel and left in the open with a towel over his cage. Vets investigate. Much discussion. Eventually it is determined that the Mr. Lonely Budgie has just been excessively amorous with his toys (little wooden people, hanging plastic balls...) in the absence of another bird, and it's been wearing him out. Poor Mr. Budgie. Vet tells the owner to either buy him a friend (male or female; apparently doesn't matter with budgies) or get rid of any vaguely bird-shaped toys. She's upset and says, "But he loves those toys." Well... yes. A little too much.

We return to the parakeet: egg has yet to be laid. Vet decides it's time to get it out. The bird is put into an oxygen "cup" of sorts (there's really nothing small enough to put on a bird's face) with just her rear end hanging out. The vet slowly massages out the egg.

Success! The egg is out. Vets ask the owner if she wants to keep it. The owner is this wonderful Spanish woman who is so worried about the bird, and now protesting that she doesn't want the egg. Apparently the bird has been laying an egg a day. (Not typical, FYI.) Owner, looking distressed, explains, "Oh, so many eggs... It's not funny." Vets recommend keeping the bird in a place with less light (vitamin D - calcium absorption connection? Not sure...) or giving her a testosterone injection to rein in her rampant reproductive system.

Meanwhile: glass being removed from a dog's foot - the dramatic (well... ish) operation. Next time...

breck breck
22-25, F
Apr 16, 2008