The Time we got caught

One time me and my friends thought it would be fun to go out drinking. Well after we had had tons, we could barely remember anything. My friends and I were vomiting so much. Later I went over to my friends house to wait. That night when we got back home I got caught and smelled of alchohol. I was grounded for a month.
    Not only that but when I awoke the next morning I had my first hangover. It was one of the worst headaches I had ever had. The next day after felt so miserable to me and I wished I hadn't gone with my friends. My parents then talked to me after about the hangover and told me thats a good reason not to drink so much alcohol. I didn't drink much as a teen because of this experience...
TheMuffinMan TheMuffinMan
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3 Responses Mar 21, 2006

Kids die every weekend from alcohol overdose/accidents. Don't be a statistic.

I think it's ok to go abit crazy now and again, once you leave it at that amount. Going crazy every weekend is just that......... crazy! Plus you need to make mistakes to learn and it looks like it worked for you..

Every once in a while it's okay to go a bit crazy in my opinion. When you really have something to celebrate.