Got Me to Dislike Hard Liquor All Together

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When i was around 16 or 17 years old, i took a holiday job at the coast.

I wasn't (as most of us i guess) used to drinking alcohol. Hell, i didn't even LIKE drinking it.

But i was aware that it helped me to overcome my shyness. At least when used in certain volumes.

That articular night, we got into a drinking spree with some guy from Poland and Russia i think.

We had mixtures of Vodka, geneva (aka gin) & white martini.

Needless to say that pouring in full glasses with a combinations of those turned into one dark night. For now the only night that i can't remember a thing from 10 PM till 10 AM.

They said i yelled, vomited, and they even had to call in the doctor during the night , that said i could have ended up in a sub-coma ...

I ended up being fired , and these days, if i even SMELL any hard liquor, my stomach starts turning :)

I'm stuck with drinking beer now ...
oenie oenie
26-30, M
Oct 13, 2006