Im An Alcholic

 when you feel lonely and desperet for company you dont know what to do. so i heard from a cuple of friends that drinking kind of helps you be more positive . so i was at a party and didnt feel like i belonged there i mean i felt like out of place like if everyone was moving on and leaving me behind everyone drinking having a good time smoking do drugs all that kind of stuff and to me that didnt seem right . so after feeling like leaving i told my friend. she told me no stay here and live a little i mean when do you get to party like this  i didnt know what to do so i stuck with her she gave me a bottle of beer and told me hear so you can losen up i was just like sure and so i drank it i felt a little tipsy and ended up passing out and what an embarresment. to make along story short from then on now im an alcholic and when i feel lonely i just grab a bottle of tequilla and get drunk away if any if are pressered into anything like this dont fall for it or youll end up like me

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u talk to me.i will counsel u.

i was an alcolic for 20 yrs plu so i no ll the emotions and lonely shamefull things that *** with it and no it does not gived u confidence no i does o not make our feel good all drink does is surpress the issues as to why u feel this way and the need to hide behind drink. if anyone reading this gains anything i will not have suffered the dreadful demon of drink ps i have not had a drink in 7 months and my life is so much better so please dont let it ruin your life like it did mine best of luck xx

id never stop drinkin it makes my emotions go into thin air and it relaxes me which is great. tho i dont go drinkin with mates as i dont have any im a loner so i prefer to drink on my own :-)

How old were you at the party?

you can still slow it down or stop. I love to drink too and I definitely use it as a crutch when i am sad when I am loney when i am a bored or when i just want a drink. But as a drinker i do know when I have reached my limit. I choose to ignore that limit sometimes because i just dont care or i am having too much fun. But if you really want to monitor it and have more control of it you can. after you have had 2 cups before you take the third stop for a minute walk around and see how your feeling if you are still sober enough or not nausous whatever then take another cup. But the stop check on myself trick really works. Everyone knows when to put the bottle down for the night we just choose not to.