Just Once...

In Antalya, after a highly alcolized (with raki) dinner with friends, we decided to go for a walk on the cliffs. Everyone bought oneselves a beer, but i went for a 20 cc vodka. At the end of the cliffs, we used the road to descend to the beach. There was one of our favourite water-pipe café. We sat and started to drink, there was just beer as alcohol, so I drank 3. Since there's nargile, dudes didn't drink all of their beers, but I was already drunk enough to finish theirs. :))

Lots of tobacco, a 35cc of raki, vodka, approximately 5 beers... Well, there was a really mixed-up situation in my stomach. To that date I had never ever got drunk or vomited from dirnking. But here you go... 3 of my friends and I, used the bathroom with turns. But I wasn't able to (and too proud to) throw up. Nevertheless on the way back home, I saw a beautiful tree and a flower bed. I was stunned with its beauty. Then I defiled and befouled it, well you understand how..

Since that day I'm no longer a beer-lover. Again, you know the reason...
baron34 baron34 22-25, M Oct 22, 2011

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