Common Experience

"I vomited from drinking" isn't exactly a conversation starter, but when I think about it, most of my friends, past and present, had at least one episode of vomiting after drinking.  I think it must be fairly common.

I love to drink.  I enjoy different beers and in liquor, I like Jack Daniels or good Irish Whisky.  At this point in my life, I know when to stop (not that I always do!), and never, ever mix booze.  If I start with it, I stay with it.  I can't drink wine, vodka, scotch, rum, or gin.  They give me headaches.

I threw up when I was a freshman at the University of Houston, back in 1976.  I was in the marching band and we went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas that year.  UofH beat the crap out of the Maryland Terrapins on the gridiron, and it was a HUGE party as we were leaving.  On the bus, we all had water coolers, the five gallon kinds that have the spigot in the bottom for dispensing water....or whatever.  A few of these coolers were turned into community punch bowls, and we all chipped in with liquor of some kind.  All the bottles were mixed together in an alcohol-zombie cocktail, and we're lucky the band did not die of alcohol poisoning.  It is still, thirty years later, the worst drunk I have ever suffered.  I did not know the human body could try to turn itself inside out in an effort to rid the body of toxins, but that is what my body did.  I also did not know what is beyond "dry heaves", and now that I do, I never want to go back there again.   I still gag, recalling the mess and smell.

Long story repeated short: Don't mix the booze, folks.
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1 Response Nov 20, 2006

Zombie Cocktail. What an appropriate name. And I think that it is high time for that tradition of College life to die.