When Things Dont Go the Way I Planned

Ok first off I wanna apologise if this sucks
I had a bit of trouble remembering everything that happened that night
About 2 months ago I think it was, might have been longer than that, I don’t count the days. Well anyway it was a Friday, id just had a great day out with my friend, id just gotten a new job and I was going over to my sisters house so she could dye my hair for a concert I was going to in a few weeks. We were planning on having a few drinks and then I was gonna home. Nothing too unusual, we did this all the time.
 I got to her house around 7 and my sister, her house mate and her house mates mum were all sitting outside drinking. I grabbed myself a drink and I sat down with them. Everything was fine, we were talking about the stupidest things and I was having a pretty good time until my sister decided she wanted to do shots.
Well 8 shots, 4 Smirnoff’s and 5 glasses of straight vodka later I was pretty trashed. I don’t even know how my sister managed to do my hair. I was telling them things I shouldn’t have and I could hardly walk.  At about 11 my sister’s boyfriend came over and he started smoking pot with my housemates mum. I just sat there in shock. I never expected this to happen. I wasn’t even supposed to be there, I should have been at home but no I decided to stay the night instead of going home.
Well the next thing I know im crawling into the back of my sisters boyfriends car and we drive to their friends house. Im surprised we got there alive. He was speeding, drunk and stoned and I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Even though I was out of it I was scared. We ended up at this guys house shortly after and as im crawling out the car I smack my shin on the hand brake and fall out the car into the bushes. Talk about embarrassing and to make it worse it’s raining. I get up on my own and we walked into this guy’s house. I don’t even remember his name. We all sat down on the lounge and stupidly I ask for something to drink. I ended up having a few beers and this guy sits down next to me and starts whispering stuff in my ear about getting high. He was a lot older then me, like 21 or something and for some reason this made me like him more. My sister and her boyfriend were sitting on the lounge making out so I walk off with this guy into his room. He shuts the door and I dunno how it happened but we start smoking pot and cigarettes. I don’t remember much after that but what I do remember is he tried to have sex with me and my sisters boyfriend came in and beat him up. I got dressed again and I got dragged out the house.
I somehow managed to get back into the car and we drove to an empty parking lot. Once again I got out the car and threw up everywhere. It was the worst feeling id ever experienced. I went for a little walk after id thrown up and that helped a little bit. I sat down against a wall and just started crying my eyes out. I hated what was going on, I just wanted to go home and go to sleep. My sister’s boyfriend came and talked to me and I ended up telling him everything that was bothering me which was a lot of things at the time. I had a quick cigarette but it didn’t help. It made me wanna throw up even more. It was still raining and it was cold. I started shaking so I ended up back in the car. When we got back to my sisters place I stumbled inside. I think I fell down a few times on the way to the bedroom. I threw up once more and then passed out on the bed.
The next morning when I woke up was the worst. I had a massive headache and I felt sick, like I was dying. As soon as I opened my eyes I threw up again. It was just after 9am and I didn’t wanna get up so I went back to sleep. When my sister woke me up an hour later I thought I was ok until I stood up. I couldn’t see straight and the first thing I did was run to the bathroom and throw up again. When I got picked up my mum just laughed at me and said ‘I told you not to drink’. I sighed and got into the car. When I got home I threw up for the rest of the day and I felt horrible. Not just from drinking so much but for letting myself drink so much. They guy that tried to get with me has tried to call me but I don’t wanna hear from him. I kinda regret not going home. Maybe if id gone home early I would have woken up the next day with a bit of headache and that would have been it. The only good thing that’s come out of this is that I’ve learnt my lesson, ive learnt not to drink so much and im glad my sister was around coz if she wasn’t things could have been a lot worse.
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reading this reminds me of the little show I put at my sisters house I threw up all over the living room floor. I was nearly sent to the hospital that night. I thought I was gonna die