The Fact That I've Never G...

The fact that I've never got drunk. I usually drink about a can of beer of a quarter of a glass of wine. This should be a secret... I'm underage!!!
collegeboi collegeboi
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 28, 2006

LOL, Atmore! But Boi, your straight-laced attitude towards drugs and alcohol are admirable! Keep up the attitude! You're not missing anything from puking your guts up from over-indulgence, or peeing on your shoes, or getting an STD from sleeping with someone that looked like a "10" the night before, but daylight revealed a "2"!!

Hey, what gets shared in experienceproject, stays in experience project. I won't tell my anonymous friends if you don't tell yours, OK? You're right, too. Just a drink or two is all any of us really need, but I rarely stick to that advice when I do decide that I want to make an evening of it.