Cruising Together

Right after my first fiance and I broke up, I ended up getting together with this guy.  He was older and he was definitely in the party scene.  I thought it would be a great way to get back at my ex by parading my cool new boyfriend around at a party hosted by a mutual friend.  I got to the party before either of them and immediately started liquoring up.  When my boyfriend got there, I had my top unbuttoned showing everyone my Tye-dyed bra that glowed under black light.  Then some friends and I took a ride on the back of his car screaming and half naked. 

Before my boyfriend could get drunk, one of my friends asked if he could take her home so she could make curfew for sure.  So a bunch of us piled into his car completely drunk and half naked for the ride.  He was very into weed those days so we all took a high ride to her house.  We got so messed up that we drove in circles for about an hour.  Halfway home, I ended up getting sick out of his car window.  It wasn't just once, it was the entire way back to the party.  I commandeered the bathroom for the better part of the evening too.  (Imagine how well that went over at a party!)  So instead of looking cool I just looked like an ***.

theophania theophania
22-25, F
Jan 12, 2007