My Friends Find Me a Respectable Guest When I Drink, At Least!

About two years ago, I lived in the dorms on a college campus. It was a dry campus, and I had previously been in the military. Not to say all service members drink, but it gave me a hell of a head-start on all the "straight from high school" newbs when it came to slamming the bottle.

So, living in a dorm, I would happily visit ANYONE doing ANYTHING in town to get out of the solitary-confinement feelings my dorm room gave me. I went to this one couple who are friends of mine; they had two college friends who were at the moment living on their couches in the living room. We drank, and drank, and drank. Then we decided to call it a night and they offered to let me sleep over since I was obviously pretty drunk. As the two live-ins settled down to pass out, I noticed they both had tall glasses of whatever they had mixed.
"Hey you're going to sleep, what about your drink man you didn't finish it?"

"Nah, go ahead if you want, I'm dooone!"

"Yea, take my drink too if you want."

I don't know what they had created, but it was damn strong, and we were all poor-*** college kids with little to no money, so I felt like it was such a waste. Being already drunk, I knew then my only option: To down them quickly like a champ, and deal with the consequences later.

Which I did.

Within an hour later I felt the pangs of sickness wake me up, luckily. I jumped from the couch and made it to the kitchen sink and promptly emptied those last two drinks all over their full-of-dishes sink. After I collected myself from this, I felt so bad to have puked in their dishes (they had no dishwasher in this apartment), so I bucked up and did their dishes for them so they wouldn't have to deal with vomit-crusted dishes in the morning. (Afterwards the hosts of the apartment were laughingly stunned that I decided to do their dishes for them)

But that wasn't the end of it that night/morning, oh I wish....

A lil' while later I woke up again from the couch and felt that same sickness coming again. Cursing I glanced around nervously, and decided I could slip out the sliding-glass door in the living room outside, where hopefully I wouldn't wake anyone with my puking. Their apartment had a little cemented square-area right outside the sliding door (meant for people who want lawn chairs and barbecue grills and such, I guess), and the outer perimeter of this 5x5ft had a wall that was just the right height to put your arms on and lean on. So I puked over the half-wall. I puked and I puked and I puked.

Suddenly, I wake up and the sun is just about to rise. The hosts of the apartment had taken their dog out and noticed me there, leaning on this half-wall, a huge puddle of puke in the grass, dead to the world. (They actually told me later they were afraid for a second that I actually was dead, the way I was just "there" on the wall, not moving an inch)

Man what a long night.

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I've been sick off of Malibu Rum a time or two. I loved to drink it straight, on the rocks. I am not much of a liquor drinker though. I am a beer swilling babe! LOL

Just a suicidal mix of whatever they had in house, of which none of can vividly recall (they always had malibu rum, usually bacardi or captain morgan...ummm...and kahlua in house...probly more of other things considering they had like two semi-permanent couch-guest roommates though).

I want to know........Did you ever figure out what those drinks were?

I'll tell you after reading your story,I laughed till tears came!Not because I thought what happend was funny I was laughing because I was there, when I was young.I got so sick that I begged God to help me.To this day I can't look at any kind of drink or I will get a sick feeling and have to turn my head.Thank you for sharing your story.You seem like a real sweet guy!

Well, of course, you are lucky you didn't die from alcohol poisoning. Bet you never do that again.<br />
<br />
I've got a similar story - mine involved a vacation home of my friend's family - i puked in the upstairs toilet and passed out in the bathroom. Three months later the family went on vacation .... yep, I forgot to flush. I can't believe I did this - I'm pretty much a neat freak when I'm sober and I always help clean up after parties ---- but I was too drunk that night and too hung over the next morning to notice. That was 28 years ago and I still feel awful about it!