My First Time...

I'm sitting on the porch talking on the phone. The rest of my friends went in to crash and I'm thinking I'm just fine. Suddenly, midslur, my mouth opens to say "huh?" and I mean buckets of barf went flying, it spewed out all over my friends porch steps covering at least 3 and almost the entire width of these stairs. I, being preoccupied, and still very drunk, decide its ok to get up and go pass out talking on the phone (after having a smoke of course). The next morning I was rudely awoken by cursing and yelling by a friend who went outside and slipped off the porch :D I admitted to it like a week later, but at that moment I thought it might be best to keep quiet for my own safety :))

HesMyPrincess HesMyPrincess
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1 Response May 17, 2009

Something quite similar happened to my friend, but he slipped off the stairs with his own vomit in the subway :O<br />
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Yeah, i think it's better if you keep it to yourself, he would get very very mad