Not Been Drunk Enough Since!

I started drinking at 16! whether i was going to the pub or staying in!

I went out one night n it was a drink every 15 mins for 15p! so i was on vodka n coke, n malibu n coke n then wkds when offer ended at 12! so i had 20 odd drinks! n i did get drunk but never felt sick!

i then went out the next night n had 2 barcadi breezers n had to go home sick!

it was like this for years until someone at work told me they were allergic to bacardi n would be sick so soon after it n cme out inn rashes etc!

then thats when i realised that would happen to me! once all i had was a sip n i was sick where i was stood!!!

The worst time was when i went out wit my best mate! we had the next day off so we went out on a mission!
I was on antibiotics at the time n they told me not to drink but i had taken the last ever dose that morning so i thought i was fine!

So i was on all the drinks n shots i would normally drink then all of a sudden i went really dizzy n ran to the toilets where i continued to be sick!!!

I got a lift home straight away n had to keep opening door to be sick on road!
When i got home i collapsed around the toilet n couldnt move! i was being sick n shaking uncrontrollbly but burning up at the same time! i had to crawl into my room as my legs were so weak n even crawling was a struggle my mum had to get me changedfor bed n got me in!

my mum hadnt done this for me since i was 6!!! so she knew i was really bad!!!

then i was sick nearly every 15 minutes! n i didnt get up until night time the night after as everytime i tried i felt like i was gonna faint!

good job i had that day off to recover!

i went to the doctors again as my throat infection hadnt cleared up after the antibiotics n i told her i had been drinking n what happened!
I just put it down to the antibiotics

BUT she said they wouldnt of affected you like that! She thought my drink might of been spiked n it had reacted to the antibiotics which were still in my system so that was the reason i was being so sick!

So since then i havent drank half as much as i never wanna be so out of it im not paying attention to my drinks!
I have been drunk but fully now what im doing n noticing the guys around me n my drink!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Feb 18, 2007