Hey, It's Better Than Peeing In Your Pants In Public, Aint It?

Well, I was 9 years old when it happened. I think I had a bad breakfast or something. I was feeling queasy and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. The teacher was like, 'Why?'. I mean, WTF? Why else do you go to the bathroom? So then...

Me: Well, ma'am.... I'm feeling slightly...


lol, I dont know what's the onomatopoeia when someone vomits. O_o

Well, anyway, thankfully I didn't vomit on my teacher cuz I was running towards the bathroom even before I was really explaining. O.o
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i hate such teachers!...

I think secretly some of these teachers are freaks and wanna see thier student throw up or pee on themselves

I hate when teachers would do that. You ask to go to the bathroom and they ask why or say no. How are you going to stop someone from going to the bathroom? I could see if maybe if theyre always asking to go to the bathroom but then get caught playing in the bathroom but if its a good student who genuinely has to go to the bathroom then let them go.

The onomatopoeia I use is usually "hurk". Lol

And he/she can't punish you because it's not really your fault if your sick.

Haha, yeah, now i wish i did! :P

Why didn't you vomited on your teacher? When these rare things happen, try to make them spectacular!