I Did And I'm Glad

I did vote for Barack Obama and I'm glad that I did. I am disappointed with the new health care reform because it's not the same as he promised, but it is still a step in the right direction. I believe he may be the change that this country needs. It's been such a bad place for such a long time and I'm hoping he will begin to change that. I do think people are being too harsh on him, though. He hasn't been in office a year and a half yet, but people expect for him to have worked miracles in such a short period of time. As others have said versions of before: It took George W. Bush 8 years to completely screw up this country and no one should expect Barack Obama to fix it all in a year or two.
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Firstly, if you had read the date on this, you would see that this was written over a year ago & things were not as bad then. But I disagree with you and agree with socialism. Barack Obama is not a socialist. If he was, this country would be in better shape than it is now and so many Americans would not be struggling. If it were not for capitalism this country would not be in all the debt that it's in now. Also, never did I mention the words "free healthcare" as you brought up twice in your comment. But as I am unable to work due to my problems I can not have healthcare if expected to pay for it because I have no income. Even if the economy were to get better and jobs were to become massively available, that would not benefit me any because I am not able to work at any of them anyway.

you would not need "free healthcare" if our government (obama atm) was not destroying your life. we are shedding jobs massively... who is supposed to pay for your "free healthcare" when no one has a job in this country any more? this socialism crap ALWAYS falls apart.

That is your opinion, but I may finally be able to get the health care that I so need under Barack Obama's plan. I was never able to get it any other way. So for me, and others like me, it is a step in the right direction. It is certainly not perfect, and not what was promised, but it is better than nothing. Those who already have health care and therefore don't have to worry about it may not like the changes, but they are good for people like me who struggle on a daily basis and are not fortunate enough to have the kind of life where we can get a job that has great health care included.

If they do have a cure due in 2012 (which I have never heard about) I would not take it, nor would most others in my position. <br />
But I totally agree with you that things did begin long before George Bush or Bill Clinton, but George Bush is the one who made everything even worse than it had already been.

I'm Sorry. Have you tried asking your doctor about your condition . I heard they had a cure that is due out in 2012. Bush did not help thing's but the downward started long before him or even Clinton.