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I've already voted for Barack Obama. I voted by absentee ballot & sent it out on Friday, so they'll most certainly have it by Tuesday. I'm really anxious about the outcome of this election as I'm incredibly worried McCain may win the presidency. But I'm so ready for it to be over... I just can't wait any longer. Whether the news is good or bad, I just want to know already.. the waiting's killing me.


The reasons I voted for Barack Obama are very obvious ones. He'll make a much better president than McCain. McCain, in a lot of ways, is basically another Bush, only, in some ways, I believe he's even worse. For one thing, he wants to continue the war until the year 2013 & that's the last thing we need. This country can't afford, in any way, let alone financially, to have this war continue for that much longer. Lives are being lost daily because of this war & have been since the beginning of it. Not just the lives of our troops, but the lives of countless other innocent people. We are in the midst of the biggest financial crisis since the days of the depression & we just can't continue to spend billions of dollars in money we don't have to continue funding a fraudulous war. McCain will only continue, & worsen, our already immense problems.

Obama will be the change that we so desperately need. He'll be like a breath of fresh air to a country that's absolutely suffocating. He'll bring is out of the darkness & into the light. He'll bring the hope & inspiration that so many yearn for. Or at least, that I yearn for. He'll help pull this country's economy out of the dumpster. He'll greatly improve our foreign policy & the way other countries view the United States. That's an absolute necessity right now because, since '01, Bush has absolutely ruined our reputation. Even before the war, we weren't thought well of by a lot of countries, but since the war, it's all gone to hell & many countries absolutely hate us now. I believe Obama will be a great representation of this country & improve our status amongst others'. His changes in how the health care system works will greatly benefit millions of Americans, myself included. I could go on & on, those just a very, very few of the numerous reasons I so hope Barack wins this presidency.

Barack Obama brings hope. McCain brings trouble. That's why I voted for Barack.

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:D :D :D !!!

No ads is what I will like , and today is a get even day. Iam veryx100 happy!

No ads is what I will like , and today is a get even day. Iam veryx100 happy!

I guess a lot of others did vote the same as us. He won !!! :D<br />
<br />
& now no more ads :)

You speak a lot of trueth and I hope many others feel the same as you and I do and vote for who we did.<br />
I'll be glad to see all the adds off of TV!